2 Heavy Duty 2″ x 27′ Tie-Down Ratcheting Cargo Truck Straps


  • Professional cargo ratchet straps: Ideal choice for professional trucks, trailers, flatbed trucks and car transport operators. These 2 inch x 27 feet long ratchet straps can firmly hold the transported goods, and will not scratch your delicate rims or damage the vehicle bottom.
  • Sturdy ratchet straps: It is made of UV-resistant polyester webbing, which will not tear or stretch even when wet.
  • Ratchet quality: The ratchet structure of the ratchet woven watchband and the double J hook at the end are made of aluminum, which is not afraid of corrosion and rust. When transporting goods, the ratchet structure does not jam, and it can easily fix the truck transportation goods, so you don’t need to worry about the goods fell due to the quality of ratchet straps problems.
  • You get: 2/4 large ratchet straps with double J hooks. These ratchet belts are 27 feet long and 2 inches wide. The assembled breaking strength is 10,000 pounds, and the working load limit is 3,333 pounds.
  • Ideal for low-clearance applications: Designed specifically for low clearance applications where you need to tie down by the axel or through the vehicle’s rims. These straps loop easily around axles or through tire rims and hook back to themselves to form a ratchet strap that easily attaches to any J ring or anchor point.